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Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, you may need to share a professionally produced video with your clients, board of directors, executives, or employees. A poor quality video that can’t easily be viewed by your audience will make you appear unprofessional and leave people with the impression that your company isn’t focused on details or concerned about quality. A professional Video Equipment Rental in Orlando & Tallahassee, FL is needed.

That’s where American Audio Visual comes in. AAV is here to make certain your presentations are crisp and clear. Everyone in the audience will be able to view your videos without squinting or being unable to see parts of the screen. With the AAV team handling your video production services, you’ll be able to focus on what’s truly important—talking to your clients and discussing your ideas. No matter how often you need us, what type of video production you need, or how large or small your event will be, AAV is here to help.

Why Work with Us?

Image this: you’ve invited your top clients for a presentation on the future of your company. Everyone is seated at elegantly decorated tables. They’ve just finished an amazing catered meal. Now it’s time for the video. But the screen you’re using is so small people in the back can’t really see. It takes a minute for the projector to put everything into focus. You have issues with the equipment. Overall, your presentation comes off as amateurish, and your clients are suddenly questioning whether your company is worth their future investment. They could walk away based on the quality of your presentation.

Your company is going places, so why let your corporate video production quality hold you back? You want to really wow those clients, investors, board members, and anyone else you’re talking to, not leave them wondering what you were talking about because the presentation was so poorly done. When an investor or client leaves, it can impact your overall reputation and get people talking. That, in turn, can lead to even more people walking away from your business.

AAV will make certain this nightmare scenario never happens. When your clients or VIPs gather to see a presentation, they will view crisp, clear images on a screen large enough for everyone to easily see. It will be presented on an elegant stage with drapery and another décor. The projection will be accurate and easy to read. Everything will be flawless, so your audience won’t be distracted by how the presentation looks. Instead, they will be focused on what information it’s conveying and what you’re saying.

What Events Require High-Quality Video Production?

There are many different corporate events that might require high-quality video production. No matter how large or small your business is, there are people you’re going to need to present ideas too.

As a small business owner, especially if you’re just getting your business off the ground, you may need to get a number of investors on board. But without fully understanding your company, these investors aren’t going to want to put up their hard-earned money. They’re taking a risk, so they need to see that you’re a good investment. You may want to put together a video presentation that shows off your business in the best way possible. A high-quality production is the best way to do that. These productions also show that you’re not afraid of technology and are willing to go the extra mile.

If your company has grown and you’re now a medium-sized business, you may want to showcase this with a video that really outlines your company’s growth. You can show this video to your employees to instill company pride. You could have it playing at a celebration to let the media, your clients, and others see just how far you’ve come.

For large corporations, of course, high-quality video production is a must. Your executive board and board of directors will need regular updates on the company. You may choose to do a video production for this report, especially for your annual meeting in which you discuss the overall status of the company. You might also need a video for a gala or other event, conferences you host, annual employee gatherings, and more. All of these videos need to be professionally done.

Even if you don’t need to make use of our corporate video production services regularly, we’re still here to assist you with any events you hold. Whether you need AAV a few times a year or once every three or four years, you can count on us to always deliver the same high quality, professional services in Orlando, Florida.

If you’re holding a public event and want to share information, using a video presentation can be a great way of imparting that information. At a charity event, trade show, or other types of presentations where people are likely to come and go, a video presentation that runs on a loop can be the perfect way of sharing information with your audience. They are free to stop and watch the presentation at any time. Those who come in later won’t miss anything, while people who arrived early can watch the video and then focus on networking.

Here are a few of the different events we can provide video production and equipment rental services for:

  • Conferences
  • Product/service announcements
  • Annual celebrations
  • Board member presentations
  • Galas
  • Charity events
  • Investor presentations

Have an event that doesn’t fit into one of these categories? That’s not a problem—we can work with any event you have, tailoring our video equipment to meet your needs.

Why Use a Video Presentation?

Why choose to use a video presentation over a printed report or another medium? When making a presentation, you could simply hand out reports and then have a speaker discuss the information from a podium. But there are a number of issues with this. First, your audience is likely to be distracted by the handout. They will be reading through the information instead of listening to what your speaker is talking about. If you do want to include a handout to reinforce the information you’re sharing, you can offer it to your audience at the end of the presentation.

Video presentations can also incorporate different types of media. With a handout, you’re limited to text and graphics. When you use a video presentation, you can incorporate many more visuals plus video clips and audio. This makes your presentation much more dynamic and engaging. People are more likely to pay attention to a presentation when it’s visually interesting.

Some people learn differently. Some absorb information more easily if they hear it, while others are better able to remember facts if they read them. With a video presentation running with audio or as part of a speaker’s presentation, you cover both of these learning styles. By providing handouts following the presentation that recaps the key points, you even further reinforce the points you were making.

Finally, using high-quality corporate video production is practically a must for some companies. If you’re in the tech industry, for example, your investors, customers, and others are going to expect to see technology incorporated into your events. Even if you’re not in an industry that people expect to be tech-savvy, you can certainly impress the audience by incorporating amazing video presentations into your event. Showing your mastery of technology is an easy way of improving how people see your company.

There’s no need to limit yourself when AAV is here to provide you with all of the video presentation equipment you need. When you bring in video equipment, you’re telling your audience that they’re in for a dynamic presentation that’s going to be anything but dull.

What Equipment Do We Offer?

AAV offers a wide range of rental equipment for video production services. We have screens of various sizes, plus you can rent multiple screens for large venues so that everyone can see no matter where they are sitting. We can provide drapery and another décor for these screens so that they look elegant and a part of the stage rather than simply a plain screen hung on the wall.

We also offer projectors that are guaranteed to project images in high resolution that are very easy to read. In addition to video equipment, AAV also provides audio equipment options, too. No matter what video production equipment or services you need, we can help. Simply let us know what your project involves and we will put together a package of equipment that covers everything.

Do You Need Help?

If you have a major video presentation coming up, it’s not too late to reach out to a professional Orlando video production team. AAV is here to help you, even if you need our services right away. Our team is ready to provide you with everything you need to have an amazing video presentation, no matter what the occasion is. Contact us today to learn more about our production options and equipment rental services. We’re here for all of your needs.

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