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Corporate events, no matter how large or how small, often feature a speaker, a performance, or some other presentation that requires a stage. This focal point draws the attention of your audience and is usually set up in the front of the venue. The stage is where all the action happens. Your speakers reach out to the audience from it. Musicians and singers project their voices and emotions from the stage. It’s the center of the event, no matter what it is. That means it has to be perfect.

That’s where American Audio Visual (AAV) can help. We will ensure that your stage is absolutely perfect for your event, no matter what that event is. Whether you need a large stage for a troupe of performers or a much smaller stage for a single speaker, we can provide it. All AAV stages are secure and stable structures that can be put up in almost any venue. We also provide basic décor to make your stage look professional plus tables, chairs, and other items you may need on your stage.

The Stage and Your AV Presentation

Imagine giving a presentation from the floor. Many of your audience members towards the back of the room simply won’t be able to see you. They won’t be able to see any of your video presentation or slideshow, even if it’s on a fairly tall screen. They will more or less be getting nothing but your voice, and that takes away some of the effects of the presentation. If you’re giving out awards, sharing images of your charity, or putting on a performance, people are not going to see any of it unless they’re in the front.

Even at something like a political rally, visuals are important. Seeing the speaker helps to reinforce the message he or she is spreading. Hearing someone’s words can certainly be powerful, but seeing them deliver those words, watching their facial expressions and body language, can make that speech much, much more powerful.

That’s why a stage is a necessity. It connects your speakers and presenters with the audience visually while a professional sound system brings your voice to every corner of the venue. When the stage, lighting, sound system, and video production system all come together, you’ll be able to share your message with your audience without worrying about anything interfering or pulling focus from the speaker.

How the Wrong Stage or No Stage Impacts Your Event

A small venue with only a handful of people may not need a stage, but any event with several rows of chairs will require one. As stated above, without a stage, many people in the back of the venue won’t be able to see the speaker or the video presentation. They may be lost and eventually stop listening to the presentation completely. They also won’t get to enjoy any type of entertainment that involves activities such as dancing.

Having the wrong stage is almost as bad as no stage at all. You may have a stage that you’ve used before, but if it’s too small or too short, it’s not going to be effective. You may have several people trying to share a small stage that’s really only set up for one speaker. This often results in the speakers nearly being on top of each other. Their microphones may cause feedback from being so close together, and it can be all but impossible to show any kind of presentation or video without the speakers leaving the stage. You also run the risk of being unable to use all of your décor or sets if the stage is too small.

Even a giant stage can be the wrong option if you only have a single speaker. You may not be able to fully decorate this stage, leaving some of it looking bare and out of place. Your speaker may look very small and out of place on the stage. Audience members might be distracted by the size of the space or may not immediately focus in on the area where the speaker is. These large stages may also take up unnecessary space at your venue, making the rest of the room feel crowded.

Stage height is also important. If your stage is too low, it’s more or less the same as having your presenter standing on the floor. Those in the back may not be able to see what’s going on, especially if all of the rows of chairs are at the same height. Even if you only have a speaker who isn’t using a video presentation, it can still be irritating to not be able to see the speaker’s facial expressions or gestures.

If the stage is too high, audience members in the front row may have to strain their neck to look up at the presentation. They may not even be able to see all of it if the screen isn’t raised up that high. Your speaker or performers may feel too high up, especially if they do any type of audience interaction. There’s also more of a risk of falling and hurting themselves.

Access is also important. If your speaker will be the only person on the stage, they can step up from either side or even from the back. If you have a performing troupe, on the other hand, you may need to have access from both sides, the back, and even potentially the front of the stage. You’ll also likely want to have curtains hiding some of the backstage area and the entrances/exits.

If your presentation has any sort of audience interaction, you’ll need a clear entrance and exit to the stage. Your audience members shouldn’t have any issues going up and down these stairs. Your stage access may also need to incorporate wheelchair access or be easy for children to enter and exit the stage.

A Professionally Decorated Stage Says More than You Think

A stage that looks professional and is the right size for your speaker and your venue is going to say more than you might think. It says you understand what you need and that you pay attention to details. When decorated to match the rest of the venue, the stage should blend into the background. A good stage says volumes by not saying anything at all—it becomes invisible.

Ideally, your audience will pay no attention to your stage at all. If they do, it may mean the stage is the wrong size or isn’t decorated as it should be. If it calls attention to itself, something is wrong. Your audience may find their attention is drawn from the speaker to the stage, and that’s the last thing you want. Your stage should look professional, elegant, and fit the overall theme of your event.

A stage that’s decorated poorly or doesn’t match the rest of your event is going to look out of place. Your audience may be distracted by what they consider ugly decorations or comment on how the stage doesn’t match anything else.

While we do provide décor for your stage, we can also set up a basic stage that you can decorate as you need. This is perfect for those who need a stage for a play or performance. You may have created specific backdrops and scene pieces to incorporate. We will work with you to make certain the stage you rent can accommodate all of these pieces plus give your performers plenty of space to move around without worrying about bumping into anything or each other.

Artistry Plus Technology

A great stage is part artistry, part technology. The technical aspects of the stage—the size and the durability—are certainly important, but making the stage vanish into the background often requires a bit of creative artistry. You want to find the perfect location, have the right lighting, and use décor that fits the surroundings.

Here are some of the components of a good stage:

  • The stage is the right size for your event.
  • It’s positioned in the right part of the room.
  • It’s well lit.
  • The décor matches with the rest of your venue.
  • The décor isn’t too much, but it’s also not too little.
  • The décor works with your event—it’s not in the way or overwhelming.
  • Your stage has the proper access to your event.

If you can bring the technical and the artistic sides of staging together, your presentation will be enhanced. If you can’t, the audience may feel as if something isn’t quite right, even if they don’t realize it’s something about the stage.

What AAV Can Do for You

AAV is here to provide you with outstanding stage rental in Orlando, Tallahassee, and the surrounding areas. We have a wide variety of staging options and can accommodate various venue sizes and stage heights. Our décor team can ensure your stage fits in with the rest of the venue as if it belonged there. Best of all, a stage rental from AAV won’t eat a hole in your budget. If you’re ready to discuss your staging needs, contact us today. We’re here to help you.

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