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There are a number of vital parts to your presentation: audio, video, staging…but without lighting, much of those parts are left in the dark. If your audience isn’t able to see the presenter, the entertainers, or the video presentation, they often lose some or all of your message. Imagine watching a movie in a theater that has all the lights on or trying to make out someone’s facial expressions in the dark. It’s frustrating and completely distracts from the entire point of the presentation.

That’s why lighting is so important. American Audio Visual (AAV) offers professional lighting rental in Orlando for venues of all sizes. Our team of experts is here to assist you with all of your lighting needs. We can help you determine what you need, set it up for you, and even provide operating advice. Once you’re finished with your event, we take down the lights and transport them back to our service center, so you don’t have to worry about doing a thing.

But lighting is more than just about spotlights – that’s why AAV also offers a number of special effects lighting that is perfect for theater performances, concerts, and other presentations that need a touch of the dramatic. From informational speeches to theater presentations, we’re here to help you with any lighting solutions you need.

Don’t Keep Your Audience in the Dark

Your venue’s lighting is going to make an impression on your attendees as soon as they walk into the room. If the room is dark and shadowy, it creates an atmosphere of mystery and suspense. If it’s bright and well-lit, it helps to promote an industrial atmosphere for work and discussion. It makes it much easier for everyone to see what’s going on.

The problem comes when you don’t have adequate lighting for an event that requires the space to be well-lit. If your audience is there to listen to an inspirational speaker or to learn about a new topic, they may want to take notes. The speaker may have handouts. If you’re hosting a meeting for your investors or employees, your audience may have reports to look at during the presentation. All of this is difficult to do if it’s dark.

This is often the case with board meetings, investor meetings, informational talks, and conference keynote speeches. The audience is there to listen, but since the presentation is informational, they may also want to take notes. You have to find the perfect balance between a lighted stage and the audience’s lighting level.

If your stage area isn’t lit correctly, that can also cause issues in other situations. While it’s true that you don’t always need to see the speaker to understand his or her message, it does help. During a rally or inspirational talk, often seeing the facial expressions and the body language of the speaker helps to understand the message. If your stage is too dark, your audience misses that.

Of course, there are times you want the stage and the audience area to be dark. If you’re using a video presentation or if you want to use a single spotlight to showcase a performer or speaker, you want to be sure the rest of the area is dark enough. Creating darkness is just as much a part of professional stage lighting as using bright lights. AAV understands how to turn down lights as needed in addition to making certain the correct parts of the stage are well lit.

The Advantages of a Well-Lit Stage

Having a well-lit stage does more than just make it easy for your audience to see the speaker. It also makes it easier for the speaker to move across the area. This can make the presentation safer, especially if the presenter likes to move around a lot. It’s also more helpful for performers. The last thing you want is for your performers to take a tumble off the stage because it’s too dark to clearly see where the platform ends.

A well-lit stage draws attention to the speaker, making it the focal point of the venue. If the rest of the lights are low, a well-lit stage area is going to stand out. You won’t have to worry about the audience getting distracted by other things going on around the venue. The rest of your staff can quietly move about behind the stage or even off to one side if need be. This also makes it clear where the “front” of the room is, helping your guests immediately understand the orientation of the space.

The technical experts here at AAV can assist you in perfecting the lighting at your venue, making certain the stage is well-lit while the audience has enough lighting to take notes, read handouts, and enjoy the presentation with few distractions.

Dramatic Lighting Is a Vital Part of the Atmosphere

Of course, there are times when you will need more dramatic lighting. Theater presentations, for example, often require a number of lighting changes. That’s where an experienced lighting technician is required. These experts can make use of the various lighting equipment from AAV to quickly change the atmosphere as needed.

Of course, you may also want to include some dramatic lighting with other presentations. Changing the lighting during musical performances, speeches, and other presentations can help punctuate a statement or charge the audience’s emotions. You can make your audience shocked, afraid, cheerful, or any other emotion you want through lighting in combination with sounds, music, and decoration.

In addition to the main overhead lighting and spotlights, we can also bring additional lighting that helps set the mood and provides more flair and décor to the stage. These lights are perfect for adding to the atmosphere of the event. Some lights can turn the stage various colors, while others can add spinning lights, strobes, and other special effects.

Colored lights, for example, can help set the mood very quickly. Red lighting is usually associated with danger or violence, while blue lighting can help create a sad or emotional scene. Flashing lights, strobes, and many other lighting options can take a play, production, or presentation to the next level. No matter what fun and unique lighting you need, AAV can provide it.

Do You Need Dramatic Lighting?

While adding these lights and other special lighting features, you do want to make certain that the lighting is appropriate for your event. For example, if you’re giving a presentation to a group of investors or to your board of directions, an intense light show is likely going to confuse your audience and look unprofessional. For these events, a well-lit stage is all you need.

For theater productions, musical performances, and other productions designed for entertainment, though, these dramatic lighting options are much more appropriate. While your performers can convey the emotions of a scene to the audience, using dramatic lighting will heighten those emotions much more than a simple spotlight might.

How do you know when you need a spotlight and standard lighting and when you need a wider range of special effect lights? These checklists will help you make this decision:

  • Is your event for professionals?
  • Will the audience be taking notes and absorbing information?
  • Is the focus on one single speaker?
  • Will you have a video presentation?

If you said yes to most or all of these questions, then you likely need a spotlight and other standard lighting options. Note that we’re not calling these boring lighting options—they don’t have to be! Plain lights and spotlights aren’t necessarily dull or boring. They can be quite dramatic when needed. It all depends on the mood and setting you to want to create.

On the other hand, if you answer yes to some or all of the following questions, dramatic lighting and special effects may be more of what you need:

  • Is your event aimed at entertaining the audience?
  • Does it include theater or musical performances?
  • Are you conveying emotions rather than information?
  • Are there times when your audience won’t necessarily need to see the stage?

If you’re uncertain what type of lighting is appropriate for your event, AAV can help. Our professionals have lit everything from small spaces to large rallies and concerts. We will work with you to determine what lights and effects are right for your event.

What AAV Can Do for You

Here at AAV, we have a wide variety of professional lighting technology for rent. Whether you need a basic spotlight or a series of lights for the stage, we’ve got you covered. All of our lights are regularly tested and maintained, so you never have to worry about a bulb being out. We will set up all of our lights in your venue, too.

In addition to lighting, AAV also offers staging, audio services, and video production services. We can handle all of the technical aspects of your next event, no matter how large or small. Simply contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with stage lighting in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

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