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Audio Visual Event Production in Orlando and Tallahassee, FL

The complexity of presenting at events, and the associated corporate video production services, have increased an enormous amount since the days of slide carousels and transparency projectors. Luckily, audio and visual professionals have kept up with the changes. Companies in the business providing quality services have kept pace with increasing demands and are positioned proactively for future needs. This is especially true for corporate video production, where production values must be top notch.

We Can Handle the Logistics

There are many factors that are critical in ensuring an audiovisual production goes well. Some of the factors are very simple but very important. For instance, your video needs to be large enough for everyone in a large audience to see easily. Again – simple, but vital. If enough people have to squint, move closer, or ask people around them what was just on the screen, the overall presentation suffers for it even if the video quality was fantastic. At American Audio Visual, we’ll be sure to get you the right equipment, including a generously-sized screen, so that even a very large audience will see your presentation easily. You’ll also steer the after-presentation chatter towards what was in the presentation itself and away from inferior production values.

You must also stay aware of the kind of activity you are following. If your presentation is to be in an elegantly appointed room and the attendees have been wined and dined lavishly before the presentation, then you must be able to match that experience, or even exceed it. Our expertise in making presentations in situations like these guarantee that you will not be overwhelmed by your surroundings. We’ll make sure your presentation stands out. And you’ll impress your audience with the presentation’s technology, too, which will be stable and cutting edge.

Even something as simple as handouts for a presentation must be handled properly to be effective and not work against you. Traditionally, handouts are given at the beginning of a presentation. However, not everyone learns best the same way; some learn best by video, while others learn best by printed material. Giving handouts at the beginning of a meeting may be a distraction, instead of a learning aid, to some. People may get lost by trying to read the information instead of listening to the speaker. While the handouts may work for some, there are more effective ways to give attendees something to remember the presentation. Give the handouts at the end and design them so that they emphasize main points. Don’t try to cover absolutely everything – that’s what the presentation itself was for. And, yes, we can help with those too.

Are you in an industry where high-tech is not expected at presentations or even in the business itself? No problem! We can help you make a presentation which incorporates the latest technology to impress your audience. We can also scale the effects up or down so that your presentation truly fits its audience. You’ll be able to convince attendees that you are a leader in the business as well as in the marketplace and that they should come to you instead of your (less technologically advanced) competitors. There’s nothing wrong with looking like the best!

Corporate Video Production Services for Businesses of All Sizes

Suppose your company is a recent startup, and you’re still trying to get investors on board. It is absolutely critical that the first impression potential investors have of your company is the absolute best corporate video production possible. At this point, you can’t lose a single investor. Your presentation must assure potential investors that your company, and its products and services, are of high quality.

If your company is medium-or-large-sized, opportunities for using video productions include presenting to company members, not just an outside audience. Having a video presentation can work well as an annual report for executives or an update for a board of directors. If what you need is not on a regular schedule, we are still available for you as needed, on demand. Do you need to present your company at a charity, even, or a trade show for a new product? Do you have an event that is unique, does not fit into the usual categories, and might even be a once-only type of presentation? We’ll tailor your corporate video production to make it fit with your specifications.

Comprehensive Care

If you have the necessary skills and experience to produce your own presentation videos, then you’re way ahead of the curve. Most companies and organizations don’t, however, and that’s where our experience, skills, and financial depth come in. American Audio Visual is truly a one-stop-shop for audiovisual needs, including corporate video production. And we’re not just geared to video creation, either – we also have a huge supply of the equipment necessary for video presentations. The breadth and depth of our services and equipment are so complete that we don’t have to subcontract your needs. We’ll be able to meet them ourselves, all under one roof. This comprehensive approach eliminates a lot of potential complications, including dealing with multiple suppliers, delivery schedules, and billing protocols.

We’ll even handle all of the other important parts of an audiovisual presentation, including drapery (yes, really), lighting, and staging. Having the projection screen properly bordered by drapes makes an elegant appearance, and something as simple as using them for a backdrop can effectively offset the speaker. Lighting is also extremely important. You need the stage and its components to be brightly lit, but not so much as to overwhelm the images on the screen. The lighting can also serve an additional purpose – to make a pleasing, and even artistic, appearance. And the stage? It must deliver your speaker’s facial expressions and body language to the audience, not just the speaker’s words. That requires that the size, architecture, and arrangement of the stage all work together to accomplish that common goal while still working well with the lighting, projection, and other factors. We can take care of all of this.

When you opt for American Audio Visual for your corporate video production, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to make your presentation a great one.

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