Hosting Corporate Events Would Need Professional Audio-Visual Equipment

As a host, you need your corporate events to always be a standout affair. It is important to make sure your employees and guests are impressed with the event organization. You want it to be full of energy and engaging for everyone in attendance. The secret to an engaging event is to ensure that you have high-quality professional audio visual equipment. Hiring an established AV company would guarantee you professional-grade audiovisual equipment for your event. Here’s why you need to engage the services of AV professionals:

Guaranteed Advanced Audiovisual Equipment

You will need flawless audiovisual equipment at your event whether you are just presenting a slideshow or are delivering a major speech. The event attendees expect nothing short of the best. Even those in the back row should be able to see and hear what is being presented at the podium. An AV company would deliver high-quality equipment that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. The company will even bring their staff who are experienced in handling the equipment, so you are assured of a smooth sound and video presentation without any hitches.

Expert Assistance

Unless you are in the audiovisual industry, chances are that you are unsure about what you need to ensure quality audio and video setup for your event. Instead of worrying whether you will get it right, why not let your professionals take care of it? They will assess the venue and know the best equipment for a perfect setup. After setting up, they will test the equipment before the actual event so that everything goes smoothly when the time comes. It doesn’t matter the place or time your event takes place; AV experts can deliver in any condition.

Helpful Onsite Staff

The last thing you want is to exclude your staff from an event you are hosting so that they can focus on handling audiovisual equipment to prevent the presentation from going awry. When you engage a professional AV rental company it will also provide its staff to handle the equipment so that yours can focus on pulling the entire event together. Whether it is a small business meeting or a large conference, the AV Company will ensure there are enough hands to see that everything goes smoothly. You will get both professional audiovisual equipment and very helpful staff ready to serve you.

A Consistent Experience

When organizing an event, you will find various audiovisual equipment for your sound and video needs. This equipment ranges from microphones, a sound mixer, projectors and screens, adaptors, video switchers, stage lights, and in cases of live events, a wireless connection. When you are handling your event, you will source the equipment from different vendors while working on a budget and you might even end up with hardware that doesn’t work together. The result is disastrous audio and video production at your event. When you engage an AV rental company, you get all the professional audiovisual equipment you need for the event on a single invoice.

A Harmonized Order of Operations

If your event will have more than one speaker, what are the chances some of the speakers will experience technical glitches? They might have a device that is not compatible with the audiovisual system in place, for example, or they might be unable to access their online file that contains their presentation. These are the struggles you will experience if you want to be a jack of all trades and handle your event’s audiovisual needs on your own.

Besides providing professional audiovisual equipment, an AV rental company will also act as your single point of contact for any audiovisual needs at the event. They will rehearse with all the speakers to ensure that everyone is ready for their part and is in sync with the equipment in place.

Tips for Setting up Excellent Audiovisual Technology at Your Event

Everyone wants their event to be a success. You are no exception. You want the people attending the event to talk positively about it, and, perhaps, to even ask you about how you were able to perfectly handle the presentations. Your contribution to a successful audiovisual presentation doesn’t end with you hiring a top-notch AV rental company. Here are tips on how you can contribute to the success of your event;

Have a Realistic Plan for Your Audiovisual Needs

When engaging the AV rental company, ensure that you make a list of everything you will need for your audiovisual package. Even though the service provider might take into consideration any unforeseen eventualities, you don’t want to leave anything out. If you are unsure about what you need, engage the AV provider and give them a clear picture of the event. They might be able to help you figure just what you need. If it is an outdoor event, put into consideration that the weather might force you to move indoors.

Let the AV Rental Company Know How Big Your Event Is

Here is the thing- the bigger your event is, the bigger your AV system needs will be. If you communicate with your AV equipment rental provider about how big your event is, they will be able to plan adequately to avoid the event getting unnecessarily disrupted. They will not only be able to provide the right kind of equipment, but they will also have extra to avoid small situations turning into a full-blown crisis.

Timing Before, During, And After the Event

Timing is everything when making pre-recorded presentations or doing projections. However, the AV rental company also needs to be aware of the venue hours before and after the event for logistics purposes. Professional audiovisual equipment is quite bulky and difficult to move around. The professionals need enough time to set up and take down the hardware with minimal disruption from human traffic. There should also be enough time before the event to ensure the setup works as it is intended to. They need time to pay attention to detail before the first guest arrives.

Avoid Last-Minute Plans

Ask any experienced audiovisual systems service provider, last-minute plans equal bad event experience. Audiovisual needs for the event should not be treated as an afterthought if you want to have successful presentations. Engage the service provider early enough so that they can be able to make arrangements for all the equipment needed plus prepare all the presenters on how to use the AV system of the day. This will prevent them from being caught off guard because they never had the time to do rehearsals for all the speakers. You will be surprised at how many speakers arrive at the event unprepared. That is why the AV technician needs adequate time to rehearse with them and prepare them, especially if some complex equipment will be used at the event. Don’t make assumptions.

How to Source For an AV Rental Company

No matter the type of event you have, the audiovisual aspect of it needs to be on point at all costs. Here are tips on how to source for an AV rental company for your event;

Determine Your Budget

No matter how deep your pockets are, you will always have a ceiling on spending. Make a feasible budget then source for an AV rental company that falls within your budget. This will ensure that you don’t spend outside your budget or run into problems with the service provider at the last minute because you are unable to honor certain requests.

Consult an Expert

If there’s someone within your company that has handled audiovisual planning before, put him in charge of sourcing an AV rental company and any engagements thereafter. If there’s none, you can look within your company’s networks and ask for a recommendation.

Ask For Input from the Presenters

It is very important to engage the presenters from the onset. Their input is just as important as they may have their specific preferences that might be put into consideration if reasonable enough.

Shop Around

Every AV rental company will tell you that they are the best you will ever find. However, you need to do some research so that you get value for your money. Read reviews from their previous clients, talk to other event organizers, and ask for recommendations from those within your industry who have held similar events. If you have to, engage the services of a consultant.

Check with the Venue

Some venues provide in-house AV equipment rental to their clients. Even though you might still need to engage an AV rental company, what you will need from them will be minimal if you already have an in-house AV system. It saves on the budget.

Enter Into Negotiations with Your Preferred AV Rental Company

After undertaking the due process and settling on a given AV rental company, do sit down with them and agree on the deliverables. Let each other know what is expected of them and establish timelines.

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